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moreofwhatweloveI show women how fitness can feel more like self-love rather than self-punishment. We want to look good, but more importantly, we want to feel good. We want to feel confident, strong, capable, and deeply at home in our bodies. We want to fall in love with the process of being our strongest & healthiest self. To give back to ourselves in a way that’s empowering, sustainable, & nourishing.

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My name’s Jess, a fitness & rehab professional on a mission to help women become strong, healthy, & empowered beings by cultivating an incredible relationship with their body, fitness & nutrition. Prioritizing your health doesn’t mean submitting your body to excessive exercise and restrictive diets. It means building your self-respect and self-love through nourishing food and engaging in movement that empowers and strengthens your body and mind. Change your perspective, change your life.

Jess Mather, CPT, LPTA.